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Time Bank of West Milford

Welcome to the Time Bank of West Milford

Welcome to the West Milford Time Bank community!

We're building a new way for people to help and get to know one another and to strengthen the local community. We have established a time bank to help us with this, and all in West Milford and surrounding communities are welcome to join with us. It's easy and fun, and you even get credits for joining!

Connecting unmet needs with untapped resources

The Time Bank is a project of Sustainable West Milford in support of our local community. We believe in the core values of timebanking:

1. Assets - We are all assets.

2. Redefining Work - Some work is beyond price.

3. Reciprocity - Helping works better as a two-way street.

4. Social Networks - We need each other.

5. Respect - Every human being matters.

Help us build the Time Bank

We're looking for members who are interested in joining our time bank team, who would like to help organize informal get-togethers (in addition to our regular time bank functions), who would like to form groups within the time bank dedicated to any sort of interest, or who have any ideas on where the time bank should head from here. We'll soon be announcing several new time bank projects. 

UPDATE: Our email address for announcements and updates has changed. Everyone should make sure the e-mail address: isn't blocked or otherwise likely to end up in the spam folder. This is how you'll receive responses to Offers and Requests as well as membership broadcasts.